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If man has to make a healthy survival the global climate’s delicate balance has to be maintained at any cost. Protection and prorogation of flora and fauna should be considered a priority in this respect. Mike Flora group with its venture into the filed of horticulture, while supporting this worthy cause promotes our own indigenous plants in the international market, helping to bring in valuable foreign exchange to the country.


Mike flora group consist of two foliage companies namely Mike Flora Ltd and Mike Flora International both of which have gained much recognition as suppliers of quality exotic plants to the International Market. The third company Mike Biotech is the latest venture for the production and marketing of Tissue culture Products. Perfection being the motto, we have been able to maintain such high standards and hence our products have been in great demand satisfying the needs of prestigious clients.


Our nurseries are situated at Rambukkana, Madawala and Nawala where the soil is extremely fertile and the climate moderately warm, providing ideal conditions for healthy growth plants. In order to streamline the process involved in developing the different varieties, we have divided our marketing operations into four sub-categories, Starter material division, Indoor Plants Flower & cut foliage division and Outdoor plant division