Certain measures are considered essential to maintain the high quality of our plants. A team of qualified and competent laboratory staff keeps constant checks supported by the field staff for the identification and eradication of pets, that could cause diseases at any stage of development of the plants. Despite the fact that we have experienced staff, we make it a practice to conduct classes both in theory and practical to update their knowledge in keeping with the latest advances in horticulture industry.

Quality Control

As we consider it our prime responsibility to market nothing short of the best quality plants, all processes of our production go  through ”fine toothed comb”to eliminate the undesirable. Green light is given for exports only after quality control checks are done in two stages namely, Bulk Sorting and Individual Sorting and Cropping. All plants once parked are stored in sterilized, temperature controlled, cool rooms, in order to ensure that high standards are maintained. Finally the cartons are transported to the Air port via cool trucks.


The Future 

Owing to the standards maintained by us in the field of exports, we have been honored with Presidential Export awards, which really is an encouragement to all at Mike Flora . In keeping with the commitment to preserve nature, we use Integrated Pest management and Organic Fertilizers developed by our own Research and Development Division. Mike Flora thus is a group that helps to foster the Eco-friendly processes, an essential step saving the environment – our guarantee for the future.

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